Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Percy Jackson and the Olympians series--More Info

If you're interested in more information about the Percy Jackson series, drop by Rick Riordan's site at:


What's cool about this site is that it shows the cover art, talks about each book in the series, and offers links to video of Rick Riordan reading from the series.

I had mistakenly thought that Book 4 might be the last of the Percy Jackson books, having read in Horn Book that it was the "penultimate" book of the series. I need to use the dictionary more often. Turns out "penultimate" means "next to last". Good news for all of us Percy Jackson fans!

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  1. So I got the latest book The Battle of the Labyrinth (after waiting in line 3 hours for Rick Riordan to sign it last night). So I only got a chance to read the first couple of chapters.

    I have a theory that Luke (in the second book Hermes ask Percy to help save Luke) will redeem himself at the end of the final book. On a different note, I saw that though this is the last of this series (Lightning Thief); there may be other books from the characters of the half-blood camp.