Wednesday, August 16, 2006

A Treasure: CyberBee

Sometimes you go questing for treasure, sometimes treasure falls into your lap. CyberBee was one of the latter variety for me. CyberBee is an incredible site dedicated to questing for Internet "curriculum treasures" and bringing them together on one site ( Some of the great interactive "lessons" include: copyright (,
Treasure Hunts" with links to discover some excellent Websites (, research tools for finding, evaluating and citing Web info (, and some handy step-by-step tutorials "designed to make technology easier" ( The site is easy to navigate and has some excellent resources that could be used in the library, in the classroom, or at home. It's well worth checking out. While I've included some links on this post, I will be adding a link to the site in my sidebar under " More Treasures." Happy hunting!

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