Saturday, August 26, 2006

Call for Opinions--What's the Most Useful Way to Organize these Growing Lists?

Wow! Our list of librarians (infamous and/or great) in literature is growing by leaps and bounds. The list of books that might work well for introducing kids to the library, to library etiquette, book handling and other like topics is also growing--just not quite as quickly. Both are growing quickly enough that I'm finding it difficult to find particular titles. What I'm wondering is: what do you think is the best way to organize lists like this? I've thought about arranging it by recommended age levels, then by author, then title (or title THEN author), but thought it better to just ask. I don't always agree with recommended ages for these books, but I figure that it's a starting point at least. At any rate, your ideas on this will be most appreciated.

Meanwhile, happy reading!!!


  1. I like the idea of organizing it by recommended ages, then author, then title... although, I personally I tend to remember titles better than author names.

    By the way - I Love this site :)

  2. I just ran across a reference another librarian, though I can't vouch for her coolness, since I haven't read the book. But the book Library Lion, by Michelle Knudsen, is about librarian Miss Merriweather and a lion who starts hanging out in her library.

  3. Personally, I like to arrange things by topic. Basically, I am really bad at names and titles. Plus, with topics it eliminates the need for ages. The nice thing also about topics is that a book can be cross catagorized for those that fit several situations. Once I have the topics I then just do an alpha order by title and throw in ages as an fyi. However, whatever way you do it, I'm sure will be great. Just putting the list together is a wonderful idea.