Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Rose by Holly Webb

Sense, sensibility, magic and malice in a Victorian setting.  Rose, orphaned as an infant, wants nothing more than to become gainfully (and respectably) employed and making her own way in the world.  Her chance comes when she is picked to be a housemaid at the home of the Royal alchemist, Mr. Fountain.  Not sure about magic, and even less sure about some of the household--snobby Freddie the apprentice, spoiled brat Isabella (7 year old terror and daughter of the master), and household staff with little to no use for nor liking of magic--Rose finds herself facing a mystery close to her heart as children begin to go missing.  Rose may not want to BE magic, but her fledgling magic, newfound friends, and Gus, a talking cat, may be all that stand between life and death for the missing children.  

**Readers sensitive to dark storylines may have issue with the villain of this tale.  Though certainly not graphic, there is some blood-letting, but I don't think the story is any darker than Harry Potter (Rowling) or Coraline (Gaiman)--and is certainly in keeping with the wicked witches of Snow Queen and Narnian legend--perhaps even a bit less (ahem) grim than Hansel and Gretel.

For more by and about this author, visit her web page at:  http://www.holly-webb.com

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